A Light in the Darkness

Believing that God is good even when life is bad.

So back in July of 2018 my family went through a really tough time when my brother in law Dave was in an accident that eventually cost him his life in December. Sometimes life is difficult – really difficult. And in those difficult times we can find ourselves wanting to know “Why did God let that happen?”, or “Why isn’t God doing something about this?” or “Why doesn’t God answer my prayers or seem to care about what’s going on?” You know, if you’ve ever asked questions like that you’re not alone. Nearly 2700 years ago a prophet named Habakkuk asked questions like that and we’re going to explore together the answers that Habakkuk received to his questions. I hope you’ll join us as together we look for a light in the darkness, as together we discover what it is that we can do when we want to believe that God is good even when life is bad.


Week Three • June 23, 2019 • Mike Rice