History of Faith Covenant Church

1911 • Swedish Mission Society was organized in Detroit after Oscar Palm wrote to a Swedish-American newspaper called Missions Wannen and asked for the addresses of other people of Swedish descent who were living in Detroit at the time.

1914 • The church was chartered with 16 members; the Swedish Mission Church of Detroit. The church met in the evening because so many of the members were employed as domestics and had to work on Sunday mornings.

1916 • We purchased the 14th Street Baptist Church at 14th & Antoinette in Detroit and finally had a building of our own.

1943 • Moved to Dexter & Davison in Detroit and changed the name to The Evangelical Covenant Church of Detroit.

1951 • Thirty-seven members left to become charter members of a new daughter church in Dearborn.

1958 • Moved to a new facility at Eight Mile & Telegraph in Detroit.

1980 • Moved to our present location and became Faith Covenant Church.

2002 • Sent 35 members to daughter a church in Novi.